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November, 2015

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November, 2015

Five Key Trends in the Book Market

November, 2015

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Moment of Truth: Trends in Nonfiction for Young Readers

by Sophie McNeill |October, 2015

The last couple of years have seen increasing growth and interest in nonfiction for young readers, driven by the Common Core State Standards and publishing innovation. We talked to booksellers, librarians, and experts to get their perspective on trends in this increasingly vibrant section of the book market. Read more

On Writing: Creating Characters and Maintaining Continuity in Writing

by Milena Schmidt |October, 2015

Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, you can become immersed in telling a story and lose sight of details such as character traits, plot, chronology, and more. We asked authors to share anonymously how they develop characters and maintain continuity within the unique worlds they’ve created. Read more

Live Chats and Engaging with Readers

by Alana Buckbee|October, 2015

From Reddit AMAs (“Ask Me Anything”) to Periscope, live content is becoming an increasingly popular approach to interaction on the web. Nowadays, it seems every social media platform is making a play in this space. For authors, this can be a valuable (and relatively easy!) way to powerfully engage with readers and fans. Below is a quick roundup of a few opportunities for dipping your toe into the live content pool. Read more

The State of the Audiobook

by MILENA SCHMIDT|September, 2015

A survey released last month by the Audio Publishers Association (APA) shows that the audiobook category grew disproportionately, in both titles published and unit sales, compared to the overall book industry in 2014. The APA’s annual sales survey revealed that sales in the audiobook category totaled more than $1.47 billion in 2014, up 13.5 percent from 2013, and the category also saw a significant increase in the number of titles published. The survey attributed that growth to the growing popularity of digital downloads and increased awareness of the audiobook format. Read more

Ten-Minute Tip—Your Amazon Author Page

by Andrea Bachofen|September, 2015

Updating your Amazon Author Page may not be top of your to-do list on a sunny September afternoon. However, these are some of the highest-traffic author-related pages on the Web. Ten minutes spent updating your page could well pay dividends in terms of discoverability for you and your titles. We show you why and how to optimize your page using Amazon Central. Read more

Why Followers, Influencers, and Brands Should Be Your Best Friends

by Carly Gorga|September, 2015

Relationships can be hugely important in book publishing, and often these relationships begin with the author. Whether it’s an author’s relationship to his or her followers, a group of influencers, or particular brands, these connections can significantly impact the success of a book. This article explores some of these connections, citing examples of  relationship-driven campaigns that worked. I should note that although these strategies were used for cookbooks, the ideas are applicable to all genres, with a bit of creativity and flexibility. Read more

You Click, Brightly Donates

by Sophie Mcneill|September, 2015

Helping parents raise lifelong readers and book lovers is what Brightly is all about. That’s why Brightly is partnering with Save the Children to donate books to families in need. Read more