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New on the Author Portal: Notification System & Annual Survey

by The Author Newsletter Team|March, 2018

You may have noticed a recent upgrade to the Author Portal: a site-wide notification system that keeps our authors up to date when any new information is added to their portals. Continue reading to learn more and to take our annual Author Portal, newsletter, and webinar survey.


Author Portal Notification System

Recently, we added a new feature to the Portal—the Author Portal Notification System—which was requested by authors who wanted to know when a new royalty statement or subright appeared in the portal. We are pleased to announce we have added those notifications, plus much more:

  • New Royalty Statement – As soon as a new royalty statement is available in the portal, you will receive a notification on the Author Portal dashboard that, when clicked, will take you directly to the royalties page. The new royalty statement will be highlighted on your first visit to this page.
  • New Subright – Similar to the Royalty Statement notification, clicking this will take you directly to the Subrights page, where the new subright will be highlighted.
  • New Questionnaire Available – In December 2016, we announced that company-wide author questionnaires are available online through the Author Portal. If you have a new title publishing within eighteen months, the title will appear on your author questionnaire page and you will receive a notification.



As transparency is an important goal of the Author Portal, we have also included two notifications that will alert you whenever your data has been updated by Penguin Random House staff:

  • Updates to Your Questionnaire – Whenever your publishing team makes an update to any of your author questionnaires (About the Author or About the Book), you will receive a notification. When clicked, this will take you directly to the section that has been updated, and timestamps beneath each question will show you which ones have been edited by your team.
  • Updates to Your Profile Page – These notifications will appear whenever your address or phone number has been updated by our royalties team. You can also make these changes from your profile page in the Author Portal, but if you have requested our teams to make the change on your behalf, you will receive this notification.



Annual Author Platforms Survey

This exciting upgrade was the direct result of suggestions and feedback given by authors in our previous annual Author Platforms survey. Your feedback helps advise our future content and enhancements, from monthly News for Authors mailings and webinars to the variety of resources on the Penguin Random House Author Portal.

To thank you for your participation in this survey, we will donate ten Penguin Random House books in your name to First Book, a nonprofit social enterprise that provides new books and educational resources to children from low-income families. Please join us in nurturing our next generation of readers and writers.


Click here to take the survey.

Author Newsletter & Portal Survey

by The Author Newsletter Team|March, 2017

Your feedback helps advise our future content and enhancements, from monthly News for Authors mailings and webinars to the variety of resources on the Penguin Random House Author Portal. Read more

Introducing the Online Author Questionnaire

by The Author Portal Team|December, 2016

We’re excited to announce a major upgrade to the Author Portal: the online Author Questionnaire, which gives you the ability to submit information about yourself and your upcoming titles to help shape marketing and publicity strategies for your next book. We have also updated the Profile Page to make it much easier for you to update personal information in our records. Read on to learn more about how you should use these tools. Read more

What to Know About the New Author Portal

by MILENA SCHMIDT|June, 2015

We’re delighted to announce a significant upgrade to the Author Portal, which includes a better tool for tracking sales, new ways to connect with other authors, and an improved design that’s optimized across tablets and smartphones. Here’s what you need to know about the new portal.

Please note: if you had already registered, then your previous credentials will work on the new portal. You do not need to re-register.  Read more

A New Tool for Tracking Your Sales


Thousands of our authors use the Author Portal monthly, weekly, or even daily to check sales of their titles. We’ve completely rebuilt the Author Portal Sales Tool to make it easier to use, even while on the go. We’ve also amped up the tool’s analytical capabilities, making it simpler to compare titles and export information. Read on to learn all about our new enhanced Sales Tool. Read more

The Best of Connect with Readers

by Sophie McNeill |June, 2015

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Anti-Piracy Reporting Tool Added to Author Portal

June, 2013

Penguin Random House takes the prospect of piracy of its books very seriously, and is committed to providing the most effective anti-piracy service to its authors. Every title published by Penguin Random House is covered globally under our agreement with Digimarc Guardian (formerly Attributor), a leading solution for disrupting the distribution of pirated content. Read more

New Author Portal Features!

May, 2013

We’ve added three exciting new features to the Random House Author Portal! You can now easily download high-resolution images of your book covers, access a collection of review excerpts for your titles, and view the bestseller history for your books over the past ten years. Read on to find out how you can take advantage of these tools and tell us what you think! Read more

New Community for Biography and Memoir

by Sophie McNeill|May, 2012

It probably goes without saying… we love books! We love to talk about books and we really love connecting with other readers. Over the past several years, Random House has been growing a network of websites designed to foster communities of readers particularly passionate about specific categories. is dedicated to sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, gaming, Star Wars, and graphic novels. is where voracious readers and film fans discuss books being adapted into movies or television series. Books for Better Living focuses on the mind, body, and spirit categories. Read more