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Comp Titles—An Elevator Pitch for Your Book

by Andrea Bachofen|February, 2015

Every author’s work is unique. And yet, early in the publishing process, authors are often asked by agents or publishers to provide comparison (“comp”) titles. We asked Penguin Random House editorial, sales, and analytics teams why comp titles are important, what makes for a meaningful comp, and how to find them if you are asked.

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Why Our Lawyers May Be Among Your Earliest Readers

by Emily Condlin |February, 2015

Some books require an extra step in the publishing process: the legal vet or legal read. For many authors, news that their manuscript has been sent to the legal department can be intimidating, so we sat down with Executive Vice President and General Counsel Katherine Trager to find out more about the process and what it really means. Keep reading to learn what kind of manuscripts go to the legal department, and what issues the team looks for.

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Show and Tell: Taking Tips from Author Websites

by Sophie McNeill|February, 2015

Last month, Brandi Larsen, digital publishing director for the Berkley, New American Library, and Celebra imprints, hosted a webinar to help Penguin Random House authors understand how to evaluate and improve their websites. We talked to Brandi about what authors can learn from great author websites.

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8 Great Ways to Start the Writing Process

by Milena Schmidt|February, 2015

Getting the first sentence on paper can be one of the most difficult challenges a writer faces. Read on for ideas from eight authors on how to kick-start the writing process. These excerpts come from Write Start, a new Biographile series that shares tips, advice, and poignant personal stories from popular fiction and non-fiction authors. (Biographile is Penguin Random House’s site dedicated to biography, memoir, and truth in fiction.)

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Making the Most of a Media Appearance

by Beverly Rykerd|February, 2015

Media appearances are an important part of many book launches and a great opportunity to spread the word about your book. But being a memorable guest on radio or television involves more than just the interview itself. Use the social media you already have to magnify the impact of your appearance and make yourself a welcome return guest.

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How to Do Medium Well

by Joe Muscolino|February, 2015

Authors are a natural fit for Medium. Medium’s book collection, Biblio, has a sizeable following, reflecting an interest in bookish content; authors are active on the platform; and Medium recently started an original author video series called Foreword, in which author Kelly Corrigan interviews the likes of Margaret Atwood, Mary Roach, and Walter Isaacson.

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