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Show and Tell: Taking Tips from Author Websites

by Sophie McNeill|March, 2015

Last month, Brandi Larsen, digital publishing director for the Berkley, New American Library, and Celebra imprints, hosted a webinar to help Penguin Random House authors understand how to evaluate and improve their websites. We talked to Brandi about what authors can learn from great author websites.

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How to Do Medium Well

by Joe Muscolino|February, 2015

Authors are a natural fit for Medium. Medium’s book collection, Biblio, has a sizeable following, reflecting an interest in bookish content; authors are active on the platform; and Medium recently started an original author video series called Foreword, in which author Kelly Corrigan interviews the likes of Margaret Atwood, Mary Roach, and Walter Isaacson.

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10 Tips for a Successful Author Website

by Chris Sigfrids|September, 2014

Even in this social media age, having a good author website is still important. Websites give authors credibility and act as their home on the web, directing information-seekers to where they can buy the book, connect with the author on social media, or book the author for a speaking engagement.

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Think Mobile

by Sophie McNeill|March, 2013

The most talked-about internet trend of the last year has been the huge growth in mobile browsing, driven by sales of smartphones and tablets. We review some surprising mobile stats and suggest what authors can do to take advantage of this trend.

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Webinar Roundup

by Sophie McNeill|December, 2012

If you missed some of our great author webinars, do not fear! They are all recorded and available on the Portal. And, just to whet your appetite, here’s some of the advice we heard from experts from Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr, and the Random House marketing team. Read more

Monthly Marketing Tip: Writing for SEO

by Kristin Fritz|December, 2012

Search engine optimization (SEO) is that bit of magic that makes web content discoverable, increasing traffic to your website for free. Truly, though, there’s nothing terribly magical about it. In layman’s terms, SEO is about selecting words that people might use when they’re searching for something in particular online. As content creators in the digital space, we can make smart choices about the copy in our headlines and posts, incorporating keywords and terms that are seen as desirable to search engines.

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Monthly Marketing Tip: What to Blog About

by Sophie McNeill|November, 2012

For authors who have the time to post regularly, blogging can be a wonderful way to build a following and engage with readers. One question authors often ask us is “What should I blog about?” While every author is different, these are the key factors we think authors should take into account when deciding what to include in their blogs.

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New Community for Biography and Memoir

by Sophie McNeill|May, 2012

It probably goes without saying… we love books! We love to talk about books and we really love connecting with other readers. Over the past several years, Random House has been growing a network of websites designed to foster communities of readers particularly passionate about specific categories. is dedicated to sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, gaming, Star Wars, and graphic novels. is where voracious readers and film fans discuss books being adapted into movies or television series. Books for Better Living focuses on the mind, body, and spirit categories. Read more