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6 Tips for Writing an Engaging Author Blog Post

by Milena Schmidt|May, 2016

Engaging blog posts are a great way to connect with fans and give readers another reason to visit your site. Whether you’ve been thinking about starting an author blog or already have one, we’ve gathered tips to help create engaging posts that will inspire readers to revisit your site and share your content.   Read more

Introducing Signature & How Authors Can Get Involved

by Joe Muscolino|March, 2016

Signature is an online destination that provides readers with reporting, commentary, essays, and more information on current events and cultural moments, drawn from relevant Penguin Random House books as well as those from other publishers. The site features essays, interviews, illustrations, and opinion pieces by authors, journalists, and experts.

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Everything You Need to Know about Organizing a Blog Tour

by The Author Newsletter Team|February, 2016

Blog tours can be a great way to drum up early excitement about your book’s release. But what are the benefits of a blog tour, and how can you start your own? Our publicists are here to answer frequently asked questions about blog tours.

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Monthly Marketing Tip: Writing for SEO

by Kristin Fritz|December, 2012

Search engine optimization (SEO) is that bit of magic that makes web content discoverable, increasing traffic to your website for free. Truly, though, there’s nothing terribly magical about it. In layman’s terms, SEO is about selecting words that people might use when they’re searching for something in particular online. As content creators in the digital space, we can make smart choices about the copy in our headlines and posts, incorporating keywords and terms that are seen as desirable to search engines.

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