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Introducing Signature & How Authors Can Get Involved

by Joe Muscolino|March, 2016

Signature is an online destination that provides readers with reporting, commentary, essays, and more information on current events and cultural moments, drawn from relevant Penguin Random House books as well as those from other publishers. The site features essays, interviews, illustrations, and opinion pieces by authors, journalists, and experts.

For years, Penguin Random House has been publishing original, high quality content about our books and authors on two websites: Biographile, dedicated to all things nonfiction, and Word & Film, dedicated to book-to-screen adaptations.

Signature is the happy marriage of those two sites. Its mission is to make well-read sense of the world by contextualizing news (both hard-hitting and lighter fare) with book recommendations. As authors, you know that no matter what the headlines of tomorrow bring—a financial crisis, a blockbusting movie, a scientific breakthrough, a rollicking election—there are books steeped in those subjects to further our understanding. Pairing specific books with current events allows the reader to get the full story behind the news clippings.

Some recent articles that showcase Signature’s approach include: 5 Books to Better Understand the Water Crisis in Flint, MI -Ÿ To Have and Have More: 3 Critical Books on America’s Wealth Gap – ŸAfter the Spring: A Literary Primer on the Modern Middle East.

We’re also eager to feature your voice, whether you’re an author of fiction or nonfiction, and we encourage you to contact your marketing team with ideas for articles that fit Signature’s mission. We’ve found the most effective author posts include writing advice, the “facts” behind fiction, and any article in which authors tap into their areas of expertise to further an ongoing cultural or political discussion. Some recent author articles include: How a Dehumidifier Taught Me to LoveŸ – Edit Your Darlings: Memories, Memoirs, and the Cutting Room Floor Ÿ- The Longest Night: Fiction Formed From a Nuclear Backdrop

When you have a chance, pay Signature a visit. This is just the beginning to a beautiful, bookish friendship.


Joe Muscolino is Manager of Digital Content Development for Penguin Random House.