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Hang Out with Readers on Google

by John Clinton with Milena Schmidt |May, 2014

Happy birthday to Google Hangouts, which turns one year old this month. Chats featuring notable authors such as Toni Morrison have put Google Hangouts on the map as an innovative way to engage with readers. Here’s what you need to know and keep in mind when planning a Google Hangout.

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5 Social Media Platforms You Might Not Know

by Emily Davis, Joe Muscolino, Sarah Cahill, and Milena Schmidt|May, 2013

With new social networks popping up faster than you can say Pinterest, it’s important to know which ones are worth your time and will give you maximum return on investment. By now, you’ve mastered the art of the tweet and figured out the new Facebook Timeline. However, just how much do you know about Google +, Vine, Reddit, and emerging platforms such as Medium and Whisper? Here’s the scoop on these networks, along with some pointers and things to take into consideration before joining the social media bandwagon.

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Monthly Marketing Tip: Writing for SEO

by Kristin Fritz|December, 2012

Search engine optimization (SEO) is that bit of magic that makes web content discoverable, increasing traffic to your website for free. Truly, though, there’s nothing terribly magical about it. In layman’s terms, SEO is about selecting words that people might use when they’re searching for something in particular online. As content creators in the digital space, we can make smart choices about the copy in our headlines and posts, incorporating keywords and terms that are seen as desirable to search engines.

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Spotlight: Virtual Author Appearances

by Sophie McNeill|November, 2012

In our increasingly digital world, virtual author appearances have become popular with book-loving audiences in libraries, classrooms, book blogs, and book groups. Here are our tips and thoughts on the virtual platforms we have worked with to date in this evolving area.

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