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Accommodating Visual Impairment on Your Social Channels

by Jacky Bethea|September, 2022

During the 2020 lockdown, many social media and website developers realized that their platforms did not accommodate visually impaired users very well, which led to a surplus of new accessibility features being added to these sites. If you would like to know more about how to accommodate blind and low vision readers, here are a few steps that you can implement on your various social platforms.

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Meet ReadItForward.Com and Get Involved

by Alana Buckbee|June, 2016

Read It Forward’s audience of avid readers is eager to hear directly from authors. (The average Read It Forward member reads sixty-two books per year!) Our site gives authors a platform to showcase their passions, their talents, and their own reading taste for our audience. Read more

Monthly Marketing Tip: What to Blog About

by Sophie McNeill|November, 2012

For authors who have the time to post regularly, blogging can be a wonderful way to build a following and engage with readers. One question authors often ask us is “What should I blog about?” While every author is different, these are the key factors we think authors should take into account when deciding what to include in their blogs.

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