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Meet ReadItForward.Com and Get Involved

by Alana Buckbee|June, 2016

Read It Forward’s audience of avid readers is eager to hear directly from authors. (The average Read It Forward member reads sixty-two books per year!) Our site gives authors a platform to showcase their passions, their talents, and their own reading taste for our audience.

At Read It Forward, we have a healthy obsession with authors, stories, and the readers who love them both. Our mission is to help readers of all kinds find the next love of their literary lives. We feature books from across the entire publishing industry to provide the best experience for our readers.

Featuring fresh author essays and interviews, a podcast for book clubs, browsable bookshelves, hand-picked recommendations, book giveaways, and more, Read It Forward is a true home base for book lovers.


Here are a few ways Read It Forward features authors and books:


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Alana Buckbee is Assistant Director of Community Development for The Crown Publishing Group.