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Who Reads eBooks? [Infographic]

by Mina Park, Senior Analyst, Consumer Insights|January, 2013

Who are eBook consumers and what are their reading habits? These questions are frequently posed to the Random House Research and Analytics team, and fortunately we have some great sources for understanding this technology-savvy group. One of those resources is data that we acquire through regular surveys of U.S. book consumers, which we can filter to look solely at eBook consumers. This has enabled us to get a good picture of who they are and their attitudes toward books and reading. What emerges is a portrait of the highly engaged reader: avid readers across digital and print formats, and technology “fast-forwards” who are more accessible than ever via both online and offline touch points.

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Visual Storytelling: Instagram

by Lauren Donovan|January, 2013

With over 100 million registered users, this social network’s star is clearly rising. Instagram can help boost your visibility by allowing fans to go behind the scenes of an author’s life. Read more

Monthly Marketing Tip: Finessing Photos

by Matthew Albrecht, Daniel Vecchito, and Sophie McNeill|January, 2013

With the rise of new social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and the continued popularity of blogging sites like Tumblr, having great images to share has become increasingly important. Here’s our best selection of simple tips for finding, cropping, resizing, and enabling your photographs to look their best.

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