News for Authors

Feedback Needed: How Can We Do Better?

by The Author Newsletter Team |July, 2024

The PRH Author Development team wants to hear from you! Please take this five-minute survey. Your feedback helps advise our future content and enhancements, from monthly News for Authors mailings to the variety of resources on the Penguin Random House Author Portal.

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Meet the PRH Audio Casting Department & Discover the Casting Process

by Penguin Random House U. S.|July, 2024

Ever wondered how Penguin Random House Audio finds the voices who read their stories? The casting department works with PRH Audio’s producers to scout and develop narrator talent. What does their casting outreach look like? What stands out when they seek out new talent? What are some of the most unexpected challenges along the way? Discover all of this and more in the Q&A below with the PRH Audio casting department.

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How to Grow Your Newsletter Organically

by Stephanie Bowen|July, 2024

If you’ve started a newsletter, you may be wondering: How do I grow it from here? In this article, we offer several strategies for getting the word out organically and bringing in new subscribers without having to resort to paid advertising.

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