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A New Tool for Tracking Your Sales


Thousands of our authors use the Author Portal monthly, weekly, or even daily to check sales of their titles. We’ve completely rebuilt the Author Portal Sales Tool to make it easier to use, even while on the go. We’ve also amped up the tool’s analytical capabilities, making it simpler to compare titles and export information. Read on to learn all about our new enhanced Sales Tool.

Start using the new and improved Author Portal Sales Tool today! If you haven’t created an account yet, click here to register.

Here are some of the features of the new tool.


Sales Data on Your Homepage

Once your book has gone on sale, you’ll see sales data right on the Author Portal homepage: the latest weekly unit sales figures for your individual titles and all of your titles in aggregate.

If you have more than one book on sale, you can easily flip through the carousel and watch the numbers update for each book.



At-a-Glance Sales Figures

As soon as you click through to the sales page, you’ll see all of your latest sales figures at a glance.

As in the previous version of the Author Portal Sales Tool, you can toggle between “Units Sold to Consumers” and “Units Shipped to Retailers” (the latter includes books sold to consumers as well as those currently on shelves at retailers).

We’ve also added a chart to quickly show how your title is selling across print, eBook, and audio formats.


Expanded Graphing Capabilities

Dive into the details for any title by accessing our new graphing tool. You can easily break out consumer sales by format, or see units shipped to retailers by format or retail channel. Our improved graph functionality allows you to select individual formats or see all formats combined for a given title. You can vary the time span to see any number of weeks in the calendar view, or compare different titles based on weeks on sale.


Mobile Access

The new Sales Tool is optimized for use on tablets and phones as well as desktop computers, so you can track sales on the go and at your desk.  All of the new features are available on tablet, laptop, or desktop, but on a smartphone, some functionality is restricted in order to optimize user experience.



We hope you enjoy using the new Penguin Random House Sales Tool. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us at