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Brightly: Helping Parents Raise Lifelong Readers

by Milena Schmidt|April, 2015

Parents who love to read want to share that passion with their children and bond over books. But busy lifestyles often get in the way of developing this connection. Enter Brightly, a new online resource that makes it a little easier, and a lot more fun, for moms and dads to raise children who love to read. Through thoughtful recommendations, expert tips, and fun ideas, Brightly inspires moms and dads to create reading lives for their families.

Brightly looks to bring together some of the Web’s best voices covering reading and parenting to create a dedicated resource for families, full of inspiration and ideas about reading. We focus on celebrating and embracing different kinds of readers, kids, and interests. On the site, parents can find age-specific content; news about books and authors from across the children’s publishing world; articles on broader topics like reading aloud to big kids, why parents of teens should read YA, or ways parents inadvertently discourage kids from reading; and even book recommendations for grown-ups.

Brightly was cofounded by Amanda Close and Christine McNamara, book-loving parents from Penguin Random House. In the course of their publishing careers, they’ve discovered that parents have an appetite for lifestyle content offering sincere and relevant guidance about reading, books, and authors. (Read more about what inspired them to launch Brightly and what they hope to offer parents in The 7 Reasons We Started Brightly.)

Brightly is one of many ways we’re engaging readers and starting conversations around topics they find meaningful. We invite you to explore the site and sign up for our email newsletter. We also have great communities on our social channels such as Facebook , TwitterPinterest, and Instagram. Join the conversation and let us know what you think! And be sure to let your marketer know if you have an idea for Brightly or would like to get involved.


Milena Schmidt is part of the Random House Digital Publishing Group.