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Making Time for Social Media: An Introduction to Hootsuite [Video]

by Chris Sigfrids|November, 2014

Social media can be time-consuming. At Penguin Random House, we find Hootsuite to be an invaluable tool that makes scheduling social media posts a breeze, while also providing an easy way to break through social media noise, especially on Twitter. The video below gives an in-depth overview of Hootsuite and shows you how to optimize many of its useful features.

Hootsuite is an online resource that makes scheduling your social media posts a breeze, while also providing an easy way to break through the noise and listen to select voices, especially on Twitter.

Chris Sigfrids, senior manager for The Crown Publishing Group, provides a basic overview of Hootsuite, and gives you instructions on how to add social media accounts, schedule posts, utilize Hootsuite’s AutoSchedule feature, set up Twitter lists, and use Hootsuite to “listen” to certain topics or voices across social media platforms.

One tip for watching this overview: use the full screen button (bottom right corner) for better viewing. It will keep you from squinting as you watch!


Here is a quick table of contents for the seventeen-minute screencast:

  • Getting started: 00:34
  • Adding social media accounts: 3:01
  • Setting up tabs & streams: 3:58
  • How (and why) to create and add Twitter lists: 6:02
  • Composing and scheduling posts: 10:25
  • Using the AutoSchedule feature: 15:55


Chris Sigfrids is the Senior Manager, Community Operations, for the Crown Publishing Group, and the Senior Online Marketing Manager for WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers.