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Meet the Romance Reader

by April Flores|February, 2021

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, the PRH Insights team delved into the Romance genre to get a glimpse of its average reader. Let’s take a closer look at the makeup of the Romance audience, from demographics to purchasing habits!


Romance book buyers are a diverse, creative, and caring group. They seek out content that engages and heightens their emotions, and they are plugged into TV and media, as well as all the major social media platforms—particularly ones that are visual and promote community and sharing (such as Pinterest and Instagram).

These buyers look for their next reads from bestseller lists, excerpts, and special offers—and they also value good recommendations from trusted sources like their friends and family, librarians, booksellers, and digital reviews. Typically, Romance readers see reading as a social activity: They tend to discuss books they’re reading with others, engage with authors online, rate and review books themselves, and post on social media about books.


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April Flores is Director, Consumer Insights at Penguin Random House.