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PRH Consumer Marketing Launches Slow Down, Read a Book

by Penguin Random House U. S.|October, 2022

Do you feel overwhelmed by content? You are not alone. Social media, the news, and streaming services have stolen our ability to concentrate, and it’s time we take it back! But with nearly half of Americans admitting to being addicted to our phones, it’s clear we need a little help.

With that in mind, the Consumer Marketing team has launched Slow Down, Read a Book, a social-first campaign that uses digital rest stops to prompt cellphone addicts to unhand their devices, shut down Instagram, take a break from doom-scrolling, and read instead.


The campaign targets consumers where they’re most likely to be scrolling, including Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, and will direct them to a landing page where they can access the first chapter of some of the most popular books of the season. In addition to promoting this season’s featured titles and the act of reading itself, this campaign aims to bring new readers into the Penguin Random House ecosystem, so that we can better understand, connect, and engage with them in the future.


Slow Down, Read a Book is part of the Consumer Marketing team’s yearlong Habit of Reading initiative, which seeks to help consumers read more (or keep up their reading habits) by removing obstacles that stand in the way.


Sign up at if you want to check out the excerpts. And as always, we would love any feedback on the campaign.