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Monthly Marketing Tip: Twitter Hashtags

September, 2012

Using hashtags on Twitter is a great way to join an existing conversation and make your tweets more discoverable.

A hashtag is a word or phrase (no spaces) that starts with #. When you click on a hashtag in Twitter, it reveals all the tweets marked with that hashtag.

Here are some of the most useful ones for authors.


General Writing Hashtags

  • #amwriting  and #amediting—Highly used and shared, these hashtags are a must when you are in the writing or editing stage of creating a work. Use them to tell people what you are working on and to connect with other writers. They have even spawned a web community at
  • #writetip and #writingtipThese resourceful hashtags offer tips and tricks for writers.
  • #writingpromptThis tag offers prompts to help break writer’s block.
  • #bookgiveawayIf you choose to run a book giveaway, this hashtag is a great way to let people know about it.


Day of the Week Hashtags

  • #teasertuesdayUse this to highlight a favorite line or paragraph (or a link to a blog post containing them) from your book or current manuscript. Most often used, logically, on Tuesdays.
  • #ww or #writerwednesdayThis tag helps authors/writers promote their work as well as give shout-outs to fellow writers on Wednesdays. (It’s worth noting that wine and weddings are also vying for use of the #ww hashtag.)
  • #indiethursdayBook lovers tweet about what books they bought at independent booksellers that week.
  • #fridayreadsThis hashtag lets people know what book you are currently reading. It provides a great opportunity to support your fellow authors on Twitter by recommending books on Fridays.
  • #ffThe original day of the week hashtag (which stands for “Friday follow”) is a way to call out other Twitter accounts worth following.  Recommendations don’t have to be book-related, and can often lead to a Twitter conversation with the person you recommend.
  • #samplesundayA chance for writers to link to an excerpt from their book or work in progress.


Promotional Months

  • #poetrymonthThis is the hashtag for National Poetry Month, which takes place in April.
  • #shortreadsThis hashtag generally relates to short stories and gets used most intensively in National Short Story Month, in May.
  • #nanowrimoThis is the hashtag for National Novel Writing Month, which takes place every November.


Some Final Tips

  • Don’t use more than three hashtags in a single tweet.
  • Hashtags can appear anywhere in a tweet, but they are most frequently used at the end.
  • Publishing Talk gives some good examples of tweets containing some of the hashtags we’ve highlighted.
  • This article by author Orna Ross contains additional useful hashtags.
  • Problems with hashtags? Look here for common issues and solutions.


By Sophie McNeill & Sarah Cahill, Digital Channel Development