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You Click, Brightly Donates

by Sophie Mcneill|September, 2015

Helping parents raise lifelong readers and book lovers is what Brightly is all about. That’s why Brightly is partnering with Save the Children to donate books to families in need.

Research has shown that children living in poverty are likely to start school eighteen months developmentally behind their more fortunate peers. Save the Children is active in high-poverty rural communities across fourteen states. Their programs help parents and caregivers build essential preliteracy skills with their infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children through home visits, book distribution, and community engagement activities. After going through Save the Children’s early-childhood program, 80 percent of the participants score at or above average on preliteracy tests.

Brightly has joined with Save the Children to donate up to ten thousand books to families enrolled in the Early Steps to School Success program. For many families, that means having children’s books in their home for the very first time.
Helping us donate could not be simpler. For each retweet and each like or comment on Brightly’s Facebook or Instagram post by September 30, 2015, Brightly will donate a book. Please help by sharing this worthwhile initiative with your own social media audience!

To learn more about Save the Children’s work on early childhood literacy, read Brightly’s interview with Judith Gerald from Save the Children.

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Sophie McNeill is part of the Digital Marketing and Channel Development team.