News for Authors

An Introduction to Threads

by Jacky Bethea and Andrew Taets|January, 2024

In light of ongoing controversy and rapid changes at X (formerly Twitter), there has been a race in the social media market for the next big text-based platform. Threads appears to be Meta’s answer to the call. Launched in July of last year, the app has accumulated more than 100 million users. Since it is so new, there are a lot of questions around the app, how to use it, and what kind of content can be found there. Our friends at Meta have offered some of the first available pointers on how an author can optimize their experience on the app. Read on to learn more!

Joining Threads

If you haven’t joined Threads yet and are considering making an account, the app is very easy to join. Threads and Instagram are connected, so you do need to have an Instagram account (there is no requirement to post on Instagram, so you can create an account just for access to Threads). From there, you can download the Threads app and log in with your Instagram credentials.

One major appeal of joining Threads is that users can opt to automatically follow everyone that they follow on Instagram. So, many of your followers on Instagram may transfer over to Threads automatically, without you having to grow your audience from scratch.

This easy onboarding process is part of why Threads was able to surpass 2 million users in its first two hours live. There are multiple places where you can conveniently toggle between Instagram and Threads, or even repost your Threads to your Instagram Story. If you ultimately find that Threads isn’t for you, though, you can delete your account without deleting your Instagram.


Meta’s Tips

Since the platform is so new, not a lot of specific data has been released yet about posting cadence, how the algorithm works, etc. However, there are some common themes and tactics emerging among frequent users of the app.

Be Conversational

The functionality of Threads involves starting and engaging with conversations.  When deciding how you would like to use the platform, consider what you may want to connect with your readers about. Asking your audience fun questions to answer in the comments can be a great place to start. The conversational nature of Threads also makes it a great place to connect with your fellow authors. Don’t be afraid to engage with their posts by leaving a like and a comment or reposting.

Stay Up to Date

Threads tends to show fresh and topical posts in the feed. A great way to work with the algorithm is to stay in tune with upcoming events and current trends. Keep track of awards shows, sporting events, cultural moments, and other things in the trend cycle and weigh in on what interests you most.

While there is no guidance available yet from Meta on posting frequency, it is always recommended that you stay as consistent as possible. If you start posting once a day, continue doing so.

Drop Exclusive Info

Threads can be a great place to connect with your most dedicated readers (or to gain a few new ones). Some authors have used the platform as a place to reveal special info about upcoming projects that they don’t share anywhere else. You can also encourage your followers to turn on post notifications to improve your visibility.

Optimize the Expanding Features

Meta is adding new features to Threads all the time to improve it and help with discoverability.

Threads recently rolled out a polling feature, which allows you to create polls with up to four choices that stay open for twenty-four hours. These can only be created in the mobile app, though they can be interacted with on mobile and web. This is a great way to engage with your audience. Authors have found success here by asking bookish questions, giving readers the chance to help decide small plot points or character details in upcoming novels, and more.

An even more recent development is Tags, which function similarly to hashtags and are a great way to connect your posts to a particular community. For example, authors and readers are tagging posts with “Bookthreads” to link them to the bookish community. Updates are coming quickly, so be sure to follow the Threads official account to see the announcements!

Reply to Other Threads

On Threads, your replies to other accounts are just as important as your own organic posting. In their current algorithm, your replies are shown to both your own followers and the followers of the person who you’re replying to. This gives you an unparalleled chance to reach new audiences in your niche, simply by interacting with accounts you love.


It’s always important to keep your online spaces as safe and comfortable as possible. We’re happy to see that Threads has added features that allow you to:

  • Control who replies to your posts
  • Control who can mention you
  • Hide/mute certain words
  • Toggle between a “for you” feed with recommended content from accounts you don’t follow and a “following feed” with only posts from accounts you do follow


Threads’ identity is still taking shape, since it’s been around for less than a year. For that reason, it is a great place to experiment. If you are still trying to find your voice on social media, Threads may be an ideal place to see what works best for you and gather information from other authors who are also trying to find their footing there.