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How to Keep Momentum Up in the Months (and Years!) After Your Launch

by Neda Dallal and Phil Stamper-Halpin|August, 2022

After the initial buzz of a book’s launch fades and the book is out in the world, many authors wonder how to keep that momentum going. Read on for a few tips on keeping momentum up months (and years!) after your launch.

Keep your team in the loop

Have you had any recent speaking gigs or media interviews, secured any brand partnerships, or connected with any new or major contacts? Keep new, noteworthy professional activity on your team’s radar as a key step in helping them help you keep the momentum going. Your team is always keeping an active eye on backlist titles and will certainly flag your book for potential opportunities, but we can use your help as well. (A refresher on the difference between your publicity and marketing teams.)


Treat new editions as a brand-new launch

Do you have a paperback version releasing a year after your original hardcover went on sale? Is there an updated version of your book being released to reflect updated information? If your publisher decides to release a new format or edition, treat these occasions as a new launch—especially if new packaging or a new cover has been thrown into the mix.


Alert your readers about discounts

From time to time, you might notice digital editions of your book (print, ebook, or audio) go on sale. Larger retailers might include your physical edition in a two-for-one sale, for example. Keep an eye out for these sales and make sure to promote them when they come up. Chances are, you have followers who have been intrigued by your book but are waiting for the right moment to buy, so let them know when the price drops!


Think about opportunity moments

Are there moments throughout the year when your book might have what people are looking for? If you’re a romance novelist, maybe summer/beach read season is a good time to promote more heavily. If you write self-help nonfiction, you might promote the book in some special way during Mental Health Awareness Month. (Our consumer insights team releases quarterly reports that cover these key occasions, so make sure to check those out!)

Plus, there are moments we can’t predict, such as world events—if something is trending in the national or global conversation, think tactfully about whether your book might answer some of the questions people are asking.

Finally, niche news hooks or newsworthy moments may be worth mentioning to your team, in case they’re not as specialized in that space as you are. For example, if your book is about teenage sleep and you know that a state has just passed legislation to start school later for high schoolers next year, that’s worth noting so we can reach out to media in that area and remind them you’re an expert who can speak to the topic.


Update your platforms!

Keep your social media accounts current and share regular content about the book. Continue to engage with your audience in ways that feel genuine to you, and even consider branching out to new social platforms if that feels good. Remember that many platforms now give you the option to pin posts to the top of your feed, so you can keep key information about your book pinned to your page while regularly posting new content.

And don’t forget to keep your website up to date! When a potential buyer googles you, your website may be their first introduction to you and your writing, no matter how long ago your book came out. A clean site with updated buy links, social media pages, and information about your book(s) is a small, easy way to attract new readers.


Build and maintain connections with fellow authors and colleagues

Developing a community of fellow authors and/or colleagues in your profession can be a boon for everyone involved. This can be useful simply to have a group of people you can call on for support, ask questions, and draw ideas from—but you might also collaborate with them for social media content, book events, and more. Find tips on how to stay connected with the author community here.


Neda Dallal is Marketing Manager at Avery & TarcherPerigee.

 Phil Stamper-Halpin is Associate Director, Author Development for Penguin Random House.