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Moments: Publishing Trends and Key Occasions for Fall 2022

by Grant Griglak |July, 2022

At Penguin Random House, direct communication and relationships with readers are key to marketplace success, and strong consumer marketing and outreach begin with understanding our audience. Penguin Random House Consumer Insights is excited to present Moments Fall 2022, a report that predicts consumer sentiment and behaviors we can expect during the coming quarter.

This fall, consumers are turning off autopilot and reconsidering how they want to spend their time, energy, and money. Many are regulating their digital intake as the desire to resist screen time grows. Younger generations are rejecting college for more modern, “learn as needed” curriculums. And people are looking to find an outlet for their anxiety, rather than an escape from it. Come autumn, we will be catering to an ever-more-conscious consumer.

Moments Fall 2022 explores a few key themes:

  • Sensory Overload. In today’s attention economy, our senses are at capacity. Flooded with new content across screens big and small, we’re addicted to newness, finding it harder to make decisions, and grappling with the toxicity of and fake content on online channels. We expect to see more conversations surrounding our relationship with media, how it affects us, and ways to protect our time and wellbeing in digital realms.
  • Return on Education. Even pre-pandemic, the decline of traditional education was underway. With exorbitant costs and a focus on standardized testing over tangible skills, the industrial education model has become increasingly disconnected from the needs of students and their future prospects. Younger generations are questioning the value of a college degree, creating an open market for people to customize lesson plans and learn in unconventional ways.
  • Permission to Feel. While escapism isn’t going away, the compounding of trauma isn’t either. More are beginning to search for a way through rather than a way out: The pendulum is shifting from “cope culture” to outlets that help people confront and process repressed emotions and facilitate deeper, more intimate connections.

We also explore fall bookselling occasions, with a key focus on impact.

  • Back to School: Help support families’ mental wellbeing and prepare them both academically and emotionally for the next year.
  • Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month: Don’t just talk the talk, but also learn from brands who have helped make a real impact for the Latinx and Hispanic community.
  • Halloween: Help consumers revel in this moment by leaning into the key trends for this spooky holiday.
  • Midterm Elections: Pessimistic about the state of the country? Help convert the zeal of young activists and creators into tangible impact.
  • Holiday Gifting: To support book lovers on tight budgets this year, help turn budget-consciousness into a fun opportunity.


If you have a current or backlist title that aligns with one or more of these trends, contact your marketing team for suggestions about ways to reach and engage consumers with relevant content from your book.


Grant Griglak is Director, Consumer & Marketplace Insights at Penguin Random House.