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Moments: Publishing Trends and Key Occasions for Summer 2023

by Grant Griglak |May, 2023

Re-creating childhood memories… A new era for masculinity… Exploring AI’s potential… Understanding the neurodivergent experience… What’s on consumers’ minds for Summer 2023? Read on to learn more.

At Penguin Random House, direct communication and relationships with readers are key to marketplace success, and strong consumer marketing and outreach begin with understanding our audience. Penguin Random House Consumer Insights is excited to present Moments Summer 2023, a report that predicts consumer sentiment and behaviors we can expect during the coming quarter.

This Summer 2023, consumers will embrace their inner children, contend with changing norms around masculinity, explore new frontiers with the help of artificial intelligence, and gain a clearer understanding of learning and thinking differences that exist. Specific insights include:

  • All Play, All Day. The trend toward “kidulting” (i.e., re-creating childhood memories by partaking in activities generally considered for children) indicates that more adults are embracing their inner children. This summer, expect consumers to continue to seek refuge in nostalgic pastimes to satisfy their needs for play, fun, and wonder. While this trend is not necessarily new, it is taking on increased importance, given the hardships and stressors of everyday life.
  • Masculinity Redefined. It’s a new era for masculinity. As culture shifts, so do the constructs that support our collective ideas about gender. The past few years have invited more reflection on, and angst about, what it means not only to “be a man” but also what it means to cling to the idea of gender itself. And it seems that men are facing serious challenges. From mental health issues to educational gaps, it’s clear that a new path forward for men might not simply be a good idea but a necessary one.
  • AI Revolution. Most of us are only now getting a glimpse of just how smart artificial intelligence has become. It’s awe-inducing—and terrifying. The latest wave of AI promises to recalibrate the creative and media industries and the cultural landscape at large. Recognizing this means exploring AI’s potential with care and considering implications beyond the most immediate wins.
  • Neurodiverse Narratives. The percentage of people who identify as neurodiverse is increasing, but neurodiversity is a concept that is only beginning to be understood.

And here are the summer bookselling occasions, with a key focus on impact:

  • Let’s Hit the Beach: Get ready for another summer of reading at the beach!
  • A Summer of Wanderlust: Consider how consumers plan on traveling this summer.
  • Celebrations: Father’s Day (June 18), Graduation (May–June 2023), Memorial Day (May 29), and Independence Day (July 4).
  • Cultural Heritage Months & Holidays: AAPI Heritage Month (May 2023), Pride Month (June 2023), and Juneteenth (June 19).

If you have a current or backlist title that aligns with one or more of these trends or occasions, contact your marketing team for suggestions about ways to reach and engage consumers with relevant content from your book.

Grant Griglak is Director, Consumer & Marketplace Insights at Penguin Random House.