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The Changing World of Children’s Picture Books

by Rachael Cole and Sophie McNeill|October, 2013

How have globalization, technology, and eBooks impacted the world of children’s illustrated books? We sat down with Rachael Cole, art director for Schwartz & Wade, to find out more.

Rachael Cole is the art director for Schwartz & Wade. Sophie McNeill is part of the Digital Marketing and Channel Development team.

Indies Talk Trends

by Milena Schmidt|October, 2013

As noted by CNN, independent bookstores have turned a corner against fierce online competition by focusing on events, community, and the personal touch. To find out how they are surviving and thriving in the digital age, we spoke with three booksellers: BookPeople in Austin, Texas; The King’s English Bookshop in Salt Lake City, Utah; and Bank Square Books in Mystic, Connecticut. 

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Flip Your Book

by Ben Steinberg and Milena Schmidt|October, 2013

Would your readers like to immerse themselves in the world of your book? Now you can help them do just that, using the online magazine platform Flipboard.

Flipboard is a news and social media aggregation platform with eighty-five million users that allows people to easily create magazines from content that is already on the web. Read more