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The Journey from Manuscript to Book

February, 2014

What happens to a manuscript after it leaves an editor’s desk? This video explores the next critical steps in the pre-publishing process, from copy editing the text to designing and coding each interior page so the book renders beautifully in print and digital formats. Watch the video and go behind the scenes of preparing a manuscript for print and eBook production.

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The Art of the Cover Reveal

by Maggie Oberrender|February, 2014

Finally seeing the cover for your book can be a thrilling moment. More and more authors are choosing to share that moment with fans with a dramatic “cover reveal.” As well as being fun, cover reveals can help build buzz and momentum in advance of a book’s publication. Plus they are easy to do—with a bit of planning and good communication with your publishing team.

Here is some advice on whether cover reveals are a good tactic for your book, and tips on execution. Read more

A Tumblr Insider’s Guide

by Rachel Fershleiser, Director of Publisher Outreach at Tumblr|February, 2014

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is both a blogging platform and a social network. It’s a network of over 165 million blogs, and a great place to build a readership for your books or just share your daily thoughts. Your posts get distributed, liked, and reposted just like on Twitter—but instead of displaying 140 characters, you can display unlimited text, images, animated gifs, photo sets, audio files, videos, and more. You can follow whomever you like and get a beautiful dashboard that streams the content you’ve selected throughout the day.  Read more