News for Authors

Do Women Prefer Books Written by Women?

by Jacqueline Buros and Erika Nanartowicz|March, 2014

This month, the Random House Sales Analysis team offers an answer to the age-old questions “Do women prefer to buy books written by women? And do men prefer to buy books written by men?” We share their point of view, including some surprises about how this varies by genre.

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The Science of Sharing

by Sophie McNeill|March, 2014

Authors increasingly create content on an ongoing basis through social media, blogs, and video. But what makes a piece of content likely to be shared—and maybe even go viral? We look at some of the latest research in this fascinating area.

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You Are What You Tweet: Twitter Dos and Don’ts

by Milena Schmidt|March, 2014

In an age where we are defined by social media, it’s constructive to make a good impression when engaging with others. Each platform comes with its own rules of etiquette, which leaves many people feeling like outsiders until they catch on. This can be true of Twitter, as new users decipher the use of RT or MT, and fret over whom to follow back. Play by the rules and use common sense, and you’ll have the best chance of being rewarded with responsive followers. Keep in mind: You are what you tweet.

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