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Uncovering the Myths and Truths of the Marketplace: A Video Presentation

by Penguin Random House U. S.|February, 2024

In this newsletter, we are pleased to share an in-depth marketplace analysis to help create a collective understanding around key 2023 marketplace developments and provide actionable analysis on what we can all do in the year ahead. Following an introduction from Nihar Malaviya, CEO of Penguin Random House, a member of our Sales team, Reid Welsh, Senior Director, Sales Analysis, shares trends and developments about our ever-evolving book marketplace. From the impact of publishing during elections to category growth drivers, this presentation explores the opportunities, realities, and myths of the current marketplace.

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Media & Reading Trends Among Middle-Graders & Teens

by Alison Wallach|August, 2022

Penguin Random House recently partnered with Dubit, a children’s media and research company, to better understand what kids and teens watch, read, listen to, and play. Read on to learn more about media trends in these age groups.

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Penguin Random House Publishing Highlights: 2014

January, 2015

As we ring in 2015, we look back on a year filled with success for many of our talented authors. Continue reading to see some of those highlights at a glance. We look forward to working closely with all of you in 2015, and to celebrating many more successes! Read more

Tuning In, Hanging Out, and Turning Pages: Book Purchasers and Media

by Sophie McNeill|June, 2014

There’s no doubt about it—book purchasers are curious about and engaged with media content across a variety of platforms and channels, especially online media. This makes book purchasers more accessible than ever to messages from authors and publishers.

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Do Women Prefer Books Written by Women?

by Jacqueline Buros and Erika Nanartowicz|March, 2014

This month, the Random House Sales Analysis team offers an answer to the age-old questions “Do women prefer to buy books written by women? And do men prefer to buy books written by men?” We share their point of view, including some surprises about how this varies by genre.

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Publishing Highlights: 2013 [Infographic]

January, 2014

As we ring in 2014, we are excited to begin our first full year as Penguin Random House. Our primary goal for the new year continues to be the one we announced on our first day: to bring your books to the largest and most diverse possible audience. It gives us great pleasure and pride to support and advance your work, as we look forward to building upon the publishing achievements of the year past. Read more

The Kids Are All Right—How Teens Read [Infographic]

by By Delano Scott and Daniel Vecchitto|November, 2013


Teenagers are bombarded with choices over how to spend their free time, with many forms of entertainment now available on-demand. What does this mean for books, reading, and libraries?

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Trends in Consumer Book Buying [Infographic]

by By Milena Schmidt and Mina Park|June, 2013

How do people learn about new books?  What types of books are they buying? What formats are they selecting?  Consumer insights play an important role in a publisher’s strategies, from acquisitions to pricing and marketing campaigns. During a recent industry event at Random House, Carl Kulo of Bowker Market Research shared highlights from their 2013 U.S. Book Consumer Demographics & Buying Behaviors Annual Review.

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How To Make Simple Infographics

by Sophie McNeill|September, 2012

Infographics take information or data and present it in a visually pleasing way. Read more