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Moments: Publishing Trends and Key Occasions for Fall 2023

by Grant Griglak |August, 2023

At Penguin Random House, direct communication and relationships with readers are key to marketplace success, and strong consumer marketing and outreach begin with understanding our audience. Penguin Random House Consumer Insights recently released Moments Fall 2023, a report that predicts consumer sentiment and behaviors we can expect during the coming quarter.

This fall, consumers will process real fears from a position of safety, begin to shift the conversation from “OK, Boomer” to “Let’s do this together,” and find fulfillment in nonmaterial things.

  • Horror’s Hot Streak. The horror genre has evolved and expanded; its increasing popularity within the zeitgeist speaks to our need for catharsis in the wake of psychological burnout and cultural trauma.
  • Intergenerational Influence. Conflict between generations is an age-old phenomenon coming to a head as five generations coexist in important cultural spheres. While groups may have clear differences in values, examples of people harnessing the power of age diversity are growing, proving generational identity can be a source of learning and connection rather than division.
  • Redefining Wealth. The pandemic worsened inequality and triggered widespread antipathy toward the mega-rich. Yet despite their opposition to extreme wealth, many people still desire prosperity. Following years of crises beyond their control, people are responding to a perceived lack of power by redefining what success means on their terms.

And here are fall’s bookselling occasions, with a key focus on impact:

  • Back-to-School: Learning from 2022’s BTS season to prepare for another school year.
  • Halloween/Día de los Muertos: Explore and discover where consumers will be shopping for Halloween this year.
  • Cultural Heritage Months & Holidays: Understand key moments, including Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays.
  • Holiday Shopping: Discover toy trends and lean in to gifting conversations.


If you have a current or backlist title that aligns with one or more of these trends or occasions, contact your marketing team for suggestions about ways to reach and engage consumers with relevant content from your book.

Grant Griglak is Director, Consumer & Marketplace Insights at Penguin Random House.