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How to Celebrate National Readathon Day on May 21, 2016

by Emily Condlin|April, 2016

This spring, join Penguin Random House, the American Library Association, authors, and readers across the country in celebrating National Readathon Day on Saturday, May 21. Watch how other Penguin Random House authors are lending their support to the cause and keep reading to learn how you can join in.

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Sneak Peeks: The Power of Early Reader Programs

by Emily Condlin|September, 2014

Getting advance copies of books into the hands of book reviewers has been a publishing industry tactic for generations. However, early reader review programs are no longer limited to sending hard-copy galleys to established book reviewers.

Changes to the technological and media landscapes are allowing authors and publishers to get advance copies to previewers faster than ever and, ultimately, reach readers more effectively. Read more