News for Authors

Moment of Truth: Trends in Nonfiction for Young Readers

by Sophie McNeill |October, 2015

The last couple of years have seen increasing growth and interest in nonfiction for young readers, driven by the Common Core State Standards and publishing innovation. We talked to booksellers, librarians, and experts to get their perspective on trends in this increasingly vibrant section of the book market. Read more

On Writing: Creating Characters and Maintaining Continuity in Writing

by Milena Schmidt |October, 2015

Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, you can become immersed in telling a story and lose sight of details such as character traits, plot, chronology, and more. We asked authors to share anonymously how they develop characters and maintain continuity within the unique worlds they’ve created. Read more


Live Chats and Engaging with Readers

by Alana Buckbee|October, 2015

From Reddit AMAs (“Ask Me Anything”) to Periscope, live content is becoming an increasingly popular approach to interaction on the web. Nowadays, it seems every social media platform is making a play in this space. For authors, this can be a valuable (and relatively easy!) way to powerfully engage with readers and fans. Below is a quick roundup of a few opportunities for dipping your toe into the live content pool. Read more