News for Authors

Speakers’ Corner

by Tiffany Tomlin and Stefanie von Beoczy|July, 2014

At the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau, we represent an unrivaled roster of speakers who are shaping national conversations—on and off the page. Our newly designed website,, showcases our award-winning and bestselling talent, from Pulitzer Prize winners such as Junot Díaz, Charles Duhigg, Jennifer Egan, and Isabel Wilkerson to number-one bestselling authors, including Gillian Flynn, John Green, Charlaine Harris, Kathryn Stockett, Cheryl Strayed, and Markus Zusak.

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Managing Your Time on Social Media

by Emily Hughes and Sophie McNeill|July, 2014

Building a social media presence can be important to your success as an author, but it can also be a significant time investment. We share our best tips on how to manage your social media efforts most effectively.

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Goodreads for Authors: Learn About the New “Ask the Author” Program

by Christine Hung|July, 2014

Readers use Goodreads to discover books online, and to share books that they love. More than 25 million members and 100,000 authors use the site. Because Goodreads focuses directly on readers and on helping them discover new titles, authors who use the site strategically have a direct way to engage and interact with fans and prospective fans: users who have read or will read your books.

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