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The Front Lines: Random House Field Sales

July, 2012

Random House’s sales team, the largest in the industry, does a lot more than take book orders in retailers’ back offices. Our reps, who have always been passionate advocates for our books and valued sources for book recommendations, have now expanded their role to reach a much broader circle of book lovers. Of course, they still work with booksellers, but they also present our books to librarians and specialty retailers, organize events for readers in their communities, and actively build buzz through blogs and social networks. They are local marketers par excellence, and their combined efforts have become essential in raising awareness of titles in their communities and beyond.

Spotlight: Libraries

by Katherine Fleming|July, 2012

Libraries are not only critical resources for their communities, they are also some of our greatest partners in driving word-of-mouth for Random House authors and books. The American Library Association conference concluded a week ago in Anaheim, making this a great time to give you a glimpse into how we work with libraries. Read more

Fodor’s Tips for Summer Travel to Europe

by Katherine Fleming|July, 2012

The globetrotting editors at Fodor’s Travel provide expert guidance on more than 7500 locales around the world. If you’re planning to travel to Europe this summer, here are some general tips, whether you’re visiting London for the 2012 Olympics, perennial favorites Paris and Rome, or emerging hotspots like Croatia and Hungary….

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Made to Measure: Social Media

by Sophie McNeill|July, 2012

In today’s content-hungry world, making use of a few simple, free analytics tools can help you understand which activities are worth your time. These tools can also help hone your marketing skills. Read more