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Receiving the “Enormous Envelope”

by Anna Quindlen|May, 2014

Award-winning author Anna Quindlen describes the start of the editing process with Kate Medina, in this touching tribute to the special relationship between author and editor. (Adapted from a speech Anna gave introducing Kate as the recipient  of the 2014 Poets & Writers Editor’s Award.)

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Random House Builds Consumer-Insight Capabilities

by The Random House Consumer Insights Team|April, 2014

Publishing has traditionally been thought of as an industry that instinctively knows the reader and draws primarily on experience and general market trends to design publishing and marketing plans. Even as that instinctive factor remains a critical element of success, Random House has built a Consumer Insights team that draws on a number of data sources to help marketers and publishers better understand consumers. One of the most useful resources is the Random House reader panel, which allows direct access to and feedback from readers.

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The Random House Foundation’s Creative Writing Competition

July, 2013

Random House’s commitment to individuality and artistic expression is at the heart of our company philosophy, and also guides many of our corporate philanthropic activities.  The Creative Writing Competition is an initiative that encourages students in New York City’s public high schools to give a voice to their creative talents. Read more

Hot Summer Travel Destinations and Inspired Reads

by Milena Schmidt and Katherine Fleming|July, 2013

Nothing says summer like a well-earned vacation to re-energize the spirit. Find inspiration from Fodor’s 2013 Go List, paired with essential reads. Even if you can’t plan your dream trip right now, you can always indulge in summer armchair travel with a terrific “on-location” book.

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Start Using Our Author Fan Page App Today

by Milena Schmidt|July, 2013

Together with the launch of the Author Portal, we introduced a Facebook Fan Page App that we built specifically for Penguin Random House authors.The app allows your followers and visitors to view your titles, read excerpts, and link directly to purchasing options. If you haven’t installed the app yet, here’s a refresher and some tips about how to make it work for you. Read more

The Art of Cover Design [Video]

June, 2013


One of the most exciting aspects of any book’s publication is the design of its cover.

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Join Our Online Communities!

by Milena Schmidt|April, 2013

Random House is constantly working on new ways to bring together authors and readers. Whether it’s through social media, author engagements, or events such as South by Southwest, our divisions lead the charge in connecting with consumers and generating discussions about books around cultural trends.

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What I Look for in a Rough Draft

by Andrea Bachofen|March, 2013

Working with an editor is a unique experience that differs for every author. However, from fiction to nonfiction to children’s books, each author/editor relationship has the same goal: to publish the best possible version of every book.

With that in mind, we asked a broad group of Random House editors where they start when they first lay eyes on the rough draft of a book. Read more

Spotlight: Digital Product Innovation

by Andrea Bachofen|December, 2012


The way we transform book content into digital experiences is rapidly evolving.  New devices, screen sizes, and coding requirements are continuously introduced to the marketplace—adding complexity, but also offering great new opportunities to enhance the digital format.

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The Hidden Engines That Support Independent Retailers

November, 2012


The upcoming holiday season is the most important selling season in the year, but it also presents special challenges for independent book retailers. Just when it is most important to have lots of staff on the selling floor, helping customers and recommending gifts, it also becomes crucial to keep key titles in stock, which demands time in the back office, tracking consumer demand and sourcing inventory.

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