News for Authors

Spotlight: Digital Product Innovation

by Andrea Bachofen|December, 2012


The way we transform book content into digital experiences is rapidly evolving.  New devices, screen sizes, and coding requirements are continuously introduced to the marketplace—adding complexity, but also offering great new opportunities to enhance the digital format.

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Webinar Roundup

by Sophie McNeill|December, 2012

If you missed some of our great author webinars, do not fear! They are all recorded and available on the Portal. And, just to whet your appetite, here’s some of the advice we heard from experts from Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr, and the Random House marketing team. Read more

Monthly Marketing Tip: Writing for SEO

by Kristin Fritz|December, 2012

Search engine optimization (SEO) is that bit of magic that makes web content discoverable, increasing traffic to your website for free. Truly, though, there’s nothing terribly magical about it. In layman’s terms, SEO is about selecting words that people might use when they’re searching for something in particular online. As content creators in the digital space, we can make smart choices about the copy in our headlines and posts, incorporating keywords and terms that are seen as desirable to search engines.

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Deciding Between a Facebook Page and a Profile

December, 2012

One of the core decisions when using Facebook is whether to have a Profile or a Page (or both). Although they function slightly differently, either can work well for an author.

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