News for Authors

Receiving the “Enormous Envelope”

by Anna Quindlen|May, 2014

Award-winning author Anna Quindlen describes the start of the editing process with Kate Medina, in this touching tribute to the special relationship between author and editor. (Adapted from a speech Anna gave introducing Kate as the recipient  of the 2014 Poets & Writers Editor’s Award.)

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Hang Out with Readers on Google

by John Clinton with Milena Schmidt |May, 2014

Happy birthday to Google Hangouts, which turns one year old this month. Chats featuring notable authors such as Toni Morrison have put Google Hangouts on the map as an innovative way to engage with readers. Here’s what you need to know and keep in mind when planning a Google Hangout.

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10 Tips for More Effective Email Marketing

by Jessica Loffredo|May, 2014

Email is anything but dead. It’s a vital part of any marketing plan, allowing you to reach readers easily at any time. But with all the inbox competition that emails face each day, how can you make your emails stand out? And if you’re new to email marketing, where should you begin? Here are 10 tips for making your email program shine.

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