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Aug 1, 2012

Fans Meet Authors at Comic-Con

Comic-Con International, the 130,000-strong annual pop culture and entertainment convention, provides many opportunities for Random House to promote books and authors to an audience of passionate fans and cultural influencers.

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Aug 1, 2012

Made to Measure: Web Analytics

Last month, we looked at how to track your social media effectiveness. This month, we show you how to make the most of Google Analytics and other free tools to help you understand your fans and build your author presence online. (more…)

Jul 1, 2012

Spotlight: Libraries

Libraries are not only critical resources for their communities, they are also some of our greatest partners in driving word-of-mouth for Random House authors and books. The American Library Association conference concluded a week ago in Anaheim, making this a great time to give you a glimpse into how we work with libraries. (more…)

Jul 1, 2012

Fodor’s Tips for Summer Travel to Europe

The globetrotting editors at Fodor’s Travel provide expert guidance on more than 7500 locales around the world. If you’re planning to travel to Europe this summer, here are some general tips, whether you’re visiting London for the 2012 Olympics, perennial favorites Paris and Rome, or emerging hotspots like Croatia and Hungary….


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Jul 1, 2012

Made to Measure: Social Media

In today’s content-hungry world, making use of a few simple, free analytics tools can help you understand which activities are worth your time. These tools can also help hone your marketing skills. (more…)

Jun 4, 2012

What Happens at BookExpo America?

From June 4–7, publishers, booksellers, agents, librarians, and authors come together in New York City for BookExpo America (BEA), the largest gathering of book trade professionals in North America. While other international book conferences like the Frankfurt Book Fair or the London Book Fair serve primarily as global marketplaces for foreign rights, BEA is dedicated first and foremost to bookselling and booksellers.

During the weeklong event, publishers exhibit upcoming publications and present their publishing programs to a series of booksellers and distributors in individual meetings. Our PR teams support individual author events or book signings and distribute promotional materials as well. (more…)

Jun 4, 2012

Monthly Marketing Tip: Being Pinteresting…

Pinterest’s meteoric rise has made it the number three social network, behind Facebook and Twitter. As Pinterest develops, people are using it to go beyond recipes and home décor. Here, we suggest ways authors can use Pinterest to build their brands and generate useful traffic. (more…)

May 2, 2012

Spotlight: Growing International Sales

International sales in all formats are a substantial and growing share of the total market for Random House, expected to surpass $100 million by the end of 2012.

To find out more, we sat down with Cyrus Kheradi, Senior Vice President, International Sales and Marketing, to hear what his team is doing to help sell Random House books all over the world. (more…)

May 2, 2012

New Community for Biography and Memoir

It probably goes without saying… we love books! We love to talk about books and we really love connecting with other readers. Over the past several years, Random House has been growing a network of websites designed to foster communities of readers particularly passionate about specific categories. is dedicated to sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, gaming, Star Wars, and graphic novels. is where voracious readers and film fans discuss books being adapted into movies or television series. Books for Better Living focuses on the mind, body, and spirit categories. (more…)

May 2, 2012

Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks

On March 29, 2012, Facebook introduced the new Timeline look and feel for pages. Here are five tips to help you make the most of Timeline: (more…)

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